ABC believes that everyone should have equitable access to the resources that support comprehensive health and wellness. We believe that health should not be determined by what zip code you live in and that the future success of Los Angeles depends on the level of collective health and wellness of its communities. However, too many Angelinos, a large portion of whom are Latino, don’t have health insurance, access to wellness programs and/or dental health services that are vital to their well-being and success. ABC works to promote policies and research that the supports and expands access to these kinds of services in Latino communities throughout the region.

Key Health Accomplishments

  • Developed and implemented Student Wellness Policies at the Los Angeles and Montebello Unified School Districts to increase awareness and education about healthy behaviors
  • Coordinated Joint Use Agreements between the community and LAUSD’s new schools to increase opportunities for physical activity in high density areas of Los Angeles that lack parks and green space
  • Collaborated with advocates, organizers, administrators and academic advisors to develop a 17 credit certificate program in Health Advocacy and Leadership Development (HALD) at LA Trade Tech.